By Fred Pruitt

Part of being raised again with Christ to newness of life, is that the totality of our human lives is redefined. We are no longer defined, ever again, by who we were. We are not defined by what we have done, neither for or toward ourselves, nor for or toward others. Likewise, we are never again defined by what others have done for or to us.

If we have abused ourselves or others, whether we thought our intentions were good or we treated others with gross wickedness, that is no longer who we are in this present resurrection in Christ.

In the same way, if others have abused us or mistreated us in any way, we are no longer defined or limited by that mistreatment or abuse — no matter how hurtful or injurious is was to us.

We have risen in Christ, and He has joined Himself to us as one with us, so that it is no longer we who live, but He who lives in us, and He Who expresses His own quality of life-for-others through and as our human identity.

Therefore we need never define ourselves by what is past. Our human history, no matter what it was, whether it was good or whether it was bad, in the light of Christ now experiences a new purity, so that we see that even the most wicked thing that was ever perpetrated on us, in this present moment falls into the category of “all things work together FOR GOOD.”

It is all redeemed and made new in Christ, and now we define ourselves out of a new milieu, the Light of Christ, where nothing of the old is left anymore. All things have become new, and therefore that is our redefinition of our lives.

In other words, we now are defined by the Life of Christ in us, rather than by the old life which we once were, which came from the enemy of our souls in our blindness. That false deceiver and all his works have been cast out forever in the death of Jesus, and now a new Spirit — LIFE — has risen in us through His resurrection, and thus we are NOW defined ONLY by the new creation which we now ARE, not one day will be.

Therefore don’t call yourself a victim of this or see yourself as a lifelong cripple because of your past. He makes all things new. You are not a victim or a product of your past. Yes, the past is still there, and it still may cause us to wince now and then when we think of it, but now it has been redefined in the Light of Jesus Christ, and in that Light, we see nothing but glory and have nothing but praise. Forever.

“In all things give thanks.” It may seem an impossiblity for some of us to give thanks for “all things.” But when we see Christ in, through, above, below, everything, both past, present and future, we have entered into Paul’s vision of, “Unto the pure all things are pure,” or Jesus’ word, “If thine eye be single, then thy whole body shall be full of light” (seeing only God, looking through all circumstances, persons, intents, events, etc. to find the perfect Father working even the most wicked thing you can think of to good), then we find the joy of life. And when we find that, it permeates our entire existence, from east to west, from Alpha to Omega. Nothing is left out.

“Christ is all, and in all.” (Col 3:11) Right there is our present moment liberty.

Therefore we no longer look to the past, as if it has made of us anything. We are now only in Christ, in which He is the only Life by which my current life is defined. Drop the old — it’s dead and gone. Live the new in the NOW, because Eternal Life has entered you and raised you! Believe!

5 thoughts on “Redefinition

  1. beautifully put, Fred. Amazing it seems that there actually is practical guidance that leads to awareness: “Give thanks in ALL things”.

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