Separation Unto God

(Often means separation from others for a time)

By Fred Pruitt

Someone wrote about a common situation for many of us and this is the reply:

Yes, what you are describing is common to most of us who have discovered oneness in Christ. What one would think would make us more united to our brethren often has the opposite outer effect of separating us from others. What this really is, I think, is not so much a separation from the body, but rather a separation unto God in totality, so that when we come into our fullness (maturity) we are consciously the cog in the wheel we have been appointed to be. As babes we most often do need that constant fellowship, encouragement, etc., that being in a local church or fellowship hopefully brings us.

But when God calls us to this, I have observed that many are called for a time to an aloneness, where they seem out of fellowship with others, and often meet criticism from those others for “forsaking the assembling of ourselves together,” (“if I had a nickel for everytime I’ve heard this ….”). But this is a precious time, where we learn to be attentive only to the still small voice within, so that when and if we are sent back in, in whatever capacity, (as just a pew-warmer or an active participant, etc.) we are confident of who we are in ourselves and what we are about with others. We are no longer there for our needs to be met. We have discovered they ARE met, continually, by the unending stream that lives within us, which, we also find out, is a stream that is reserved not only for ourselves and quenching our own personal thirst, but that it is now a stream which flows out for the benefit of others continuously in all we do. Whether in so-called “secular” activities, or more traditional “religious” things. None of those labels apply anymore, when you see the Christ is not only All in all, in you, but All in all, out there as well.

So you’re right where you need to be. You are not living under any more “shoulds and oughts,” since they have all been fulfilled in Him Who fills all things IN YOU, and now no longer being about meeting your own personal needs or on the outside asking “what if this?” and “what about that?” questions about this reality of oneness in Christ, now that you are living oneness (as you always were without realizing it), you simply are He walking around being Himself but being you. It is nothing you “feel,” but just ARE. So it doesn’t “feel” like anything. There is no “experience” to describe. This is not of the senses. God IS. And that is where we live.

Yes, you are right, we are not superior, but if I could draw a parallel from Exodus, we have been made like unto Joshua and Caleb, who, having seen the Promised Land and in a real sense taking it for ourselves (He taking it for us) and inwardly walking in it, we also are committed to our brethren who are still walking across the howling wilderness of separation, and we are helpers of their faith, so that we all walk across the Jordan together when the consummation comes outwardly even as we see it inwardly — whatever that is. I don’t know yet what that is, but we walk in the city now as Hebrews says, “For ye ARE come  … to the city of the Living God (Heb 12:22) — PRESENT TENSE. That is our confession because it is our reality.

So rejoice because you come behind in no good thing!

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