On the Road Again, Autumn 2008 — 2nd Installment

(with John, Boyd & Fred)

By Fred Pruitt

We left Columbia MD, the Washington DC area, on Monday morning (Oct 6th) and took the scenic drive over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to Maryland’s eastern shore area. We have visited with Janet Huhn and others in and around Salisbury MD for the past two days. It has been a jam-packed time of fellowship, questions and answers, and group meetings with teaching and sharing.

We always jokingly say if we get more than 10 in attendance, we need ushers, and last night we were over the top, though we had no ushers. A large group (for us) assembled, all of them eager to hear the Word of Christ in and as us. Some were not new to the truth we share, as one who attended had last been with us (before my time) at the first annual meeting at the Buntings home in their basement in 1974. Lou Wright and his wife Dorothy had known Norman Grubb all those years ago and Lou had been among those at that first historical meeting, but we had not seen him since. Another man who also knew Norman back in those days came as well and blessed the meeting with his memories of Norman and also with his testimony of the Lord’s life in him now.

The meeting went on for a couple of hours as each of us gave the Word the Lord had given us for the evening. We emphasized first our basic truth, that it no longer I who lives, but Christ who is living in me, and then we further emphasized how in that reality in which Christ rises again in us, how we rise also in His resurrection and become our true selves, united selves who are free and resting in Christ, and in our new freedom and inner rest, we take a strong and active part in living and being ourselves, since we are simply He in expression — thus we live in the strength and power and mind of the Lord, accepting ourselves just as we are, trusting that in our daily living that our desires are His desires in us, that our hearts are His heart in us, that He is loving by us as we go about our daily business of just being the selves God created us to be. We don’t fuss about ourselves over whether we’re right or wrong, whether we are too much this or not enough of that, but trusting in the simplicity that when we took Him He took us, and in that taking of us, which is our abiding in Him, there then comes a spontaneous living of Christ in every single moment, and the words of Paul, “to live is Christ,” find an actual and REAL fulfillment in our daily living, in which we truly and completely express the righteousness of the Living God, who has come into us to be our only living inner reality.

That led of course to a bevy of questions and discussion which went on for quite a while, until finally the Spirit was finished and everybody went home.

Then today we had no formal meeting, but went to Lou and Dorothy’s house for lunch, had a similar question and answer session all afternoon, which continued when we came back to our host Janet’s house this evening for dinner, where we discussed the discernment of soul and spirit, which Hebrews mentions in chapter 4. There we went over again how we are fixed in God in our spirits within us, and live from that invariable spirit center, and learn by the things we experience how the ups and downs of the soul in emotion and reason are perfect in every way. They are perfect in the sense that by the Spirit as we are spontaneously living out of our inner center of Christ in us, that our soul is a perfect expression to the world of Christ, which we take by faith and the Spirit causes us to know as truth within. Though it often does not appear to be so, since the emotions and reason can be so variable and back and forth, and for that reason and by that means we are brought to faith every day, faith in God who lives in us and He is causing us to live in Him and His perfection.

These are some of the things we are discussing and sharing and being asked about every day, and by God’s grace we have the opportunity to share and encourage others who are experiencing all these things in their own lives, just as we experience them in our own lives. We truly find Paul’s word to be true, that we comfort others with the same comfort by which we are comforted of the Lord.

It is such a privilege to be able to take these truths out to the body of Christ and to encounter truly hungering and seeking people, who often have been conditioned by failure and desperation to come to a point of deep need and emptiness, and at that point, to find the fullness of God within their very selves.

Tomorrow we leave very early and will ride up to Simsbury, Connecticut to see our old and dear friends, Jack & Alice Corcoran, and we will begin again.

Blessings on all and showers of love!


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