Q: What is my level of responsibility when it comes to living a union life?

A: There comes a time when I just get off any self-temperature-taking, including reminding myself over and over of who I am, and just throw myself in faith into God and just live.

There comes a time to quit evaluating and make a decision as to whether God is true or not, and whether if I lose myself in Him and quit any effort or trying, will He hold me up? I know He upholds me, but I cannot answer the question for you. There is no theoretical way to answer this question. It is only known in the doing.

Or we can still question all this and try to come up with some “level of personal responsibility” that we can still have for ourselves that makes this work or not work. That is, how WE “work it” to “make it work.” All that is figuring out “right doctrine,” or better yet, is theoretical.

Something not lived and experienced is only in the level of theory or hypothesis. Don’t come to me arguing about your hypotheses. The apostle’s doctrine was not scriptural proofs but what they had seen and heard. The scriptural proofs only served to prove what they had seen and heard, not the other way around. We speak only what we have seen and heard.

To enter in fully, however, it all goes, including responsibility. “Whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all he hath, cannot be my disciple.”

We either trust Him or we do not. What is it we are entrusting to Him, if we let go completely and say, “You are my upholder, and I will not grasp to uphold myself”? Paul said, “I know WHOM I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed Him unto that day.”

What is it we are committing? Only the totality of ourselves to be nothing in ourselves, that He might be all. I cannot do this by any action of my own, including my will or desire to do it. My knowing of it does not make it so. The committal is to say HE HAS done it” — whether we feel different, act differently, speak differently, look different, or anything else by which “we” judge things. He HAS done it! (“This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes.”)

That is the food God eats and it comes out as substance and evidence in you, for you to eat, too.

“Responsibility” (a tiny bit of “separate me” to hold on to) is often what folks finally cannot let go, and in keeping it, it is another pigeonhole for the law to continue to buffet us.

Then how do we get an answer for the question?

When we see by faith that as we walk it is He walking; when we are talking it is He talking, we receive our answer. We have to come in the door for this one — this one is not answered outside in the waiting room where we are still discussing it and deciding if it is true for us or not. Open the door and go in. The door of faith, that says, “This is so.” (Faith is now, not future. NOW is this so!)

“I am the door.”

“Who shall deliver me? … I thank God, through Jesus Christ my Lord.” (Rom 7:24,25)


8 thoughts on “Responsibility

  1. Magnificent! It is a great relief to let go of all responsibility and simply trust that it is finished – He has done it! I am impressed by how lucid you present this basic truth in this article! A marvelous work of art!

  2. What a joyful thing to sit and read these words. Reckless abandonment to Christ is not so difficult a thing as it might seem. We just believe His word, and confess it is so in our own life. It is not here, it is not there; behold the Kingdom is at hand right now, right here, for our immediate occupation, and yes it is marvelous to say that truth on this side of the old rugged cross, the tomb is empty. The eyes of the blind are opened, the deaf suddenly hear, the lame walk and run. The mourning garb is forsaken.

    We get to have dinner with Dee Dee and Amy and Jim tomorrow. Fresh garden tomatoes plus!

    Come on up Fred and go fishin with me. The trout are eager to play.

  3. Fred, (corrected note)

    The simple, yet profound manner in which you minister the life changing truth of God’s Word is truly a God given gift and you have honed it well, my dear brother. May our Father be pleased to ignite and burn into our very being the magnitude of the truth of those words from the lips of our beloved Lord……”it is finished” and those from Paul the Apostle….”it is no longer I, but CHRIST”!

    In His Love,


  4. Thanks Fred for the post.

    So true when you write,
    “…Or we can still question all this and try to come up with some “level of personal responsibility” that we can still have for ourselves that makes this work or not work. That is, how WE “work it” to “make it work.” All that is figuring out “right doctrine,” or better yet, is theoretical….”

    I assume part of the reason we tend to look for the theoretical is our humanistic indeterminacy, which at times tend to focus more on “our” free will. but just like its been already mentioned Reckless abandonment to Christ is our only salvation.

    Stay blessed

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