Boredom in the Union Life?

Boredom in the Union Life?
By Fred Pruitt

It has been my experience, and I’ve seen it in numerous others, that one of the things the Spirit teaches us is to be satisfied in Christ in inactivity as much as in activity. We are so conditioned to “do something for God” that it doesn’t feel right to be inactive. But it is a learning time in the Spirit sometimes to sit on the sidelines and apparently do nothing.

I was thinking about this very thing yesterday, in fact. I’m not very militaristic, but one cannot help the military analogy sometimes, and if you can imagine that the Lord has all these troops. Some of them are at various stages of understanding; each has different jobs and assignments; every person in the structure of the house of God has a different function, and because of that we all have differences in the preparations the Lord puts us through in our lives. In a military campaign, or in a team athletic contest, the general or the coach never puts all his soldiers or players on the field at once. Some are in reserve — some for special duties — some for the main conflict, all when their individual times come. An athlete on a team has to trust that the coach will put him in the game at the proper time for the game and the team, in order to utilize that team member’s particular skills. Same thing with soldiers. Some are in reserve for various things, and don’t go right away to the conflict. Some stay behind and do other things. It takes EACH doing his or her individual part for the whole thing to work.

It is just as important to learn to sit and do nothing, to “sit on the bench” and trust the Lord in that, as it is to trust Him in the thick of activity. Believe me, there will be times you will wish you were doing nothing!

So for now, enjoy! You have entered the service and friendship of God. He calls you to Himself, both as part of a team or body, but also each of us answering directly to him. There are no intermediaries, though of course we all have others who maybe have gone a little ahead of us and help us by their experiences which we have yet to have. Remember the last time Jesus is with the disciples in Galilee in the gospel of John. Peter wants to know what John is going to do. (Don’t we always want to know somebody else’s business?) Jesus replies, “What is that to you, You follow me!” So that’s it.

Trust Him, dear. He may have you sit it out for a while. He may seemingly be “silent” for a while. You are growing up, and as an adult you’ll find you don’t need many of the assurances you have when you are a baby. You may not get the warm-fuzzies from the Lord you have had in the past. You are learning to believe without signs, without sight. In order for that to happen, there must be silence, no signs, no sights. This is a wonderful thing that God is doing! Praise Him, because He has found you worthy and brought you to a place in Him where He trusts you to walk in blindness, without feeling or sight, but pure naked trust that He is walking in and as you, upholding, leading, and guiding, and manifesting Himself through and as you every step of the way.

So, though it feels like something maybe is “lost,” it is all part of His plan to make you a “workman, thoroughly furnished unto all good works,” where you find, like Paul, that you are not sufficient in yourself for anything, but that now HE is your sufficiency — whether you are abased or abound — whether you are full or suffer need — and now having discovered Him as your total and complete sufficiency in EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE, He in that finds you a faithful minister — servant — of the New Covenant, and by that you begin your special place in Him, that only you can fulfill, of reconciling the world to God. Therefore rejoice in all things!

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